We had a great fundraising year allowing us to do more for veterans and their families.  We are currently looking at fundraisers at Sam’s Club: March during the large car show and Memorial Day weekend.  Make sure you sign up to volunteer for these.

DONE …next is Veteran’s Day

May 25 - Sam’s Club

8 AM -10 AM: Roy Licari, Rich Gregory, Bill

10 AM - 12 noon: Johnny Gossett, Bob McCray, Gary McCormick

12 noon - 2 PM - Doug Blackburn, John Anderson, William Tiller

2 PM - 4 PM: Terry and Sandy Steer, Hector Ramos

4 PM- 5 PM: Jerry Hearl, Roy Licari

May 26

8 AM -10 AM: Roy Licari, Victor Starks, Don Hayes

10 AM - 12 noon: Betty and Ed Tindall, Victor Starks

12 noon - 2 PM:  Betty and Ed Tindall, Betty Lou Baldwin

2 PM - 4 PM - Jerry and Inez Hearl

4 PM - 5 PM: Charles and Marilyn Squires, Jerry and Inez Hearl

Email if you wish to be added.

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