2009 Minutes

Minutes from 11/3/09 General Meeting 

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM by Rich Gregory

Pledge of Allegiance by Rich

Prayer by C. Squires

POW/MIA Candle Lighting by Gary

Roll Call - Rich, Charles, Jerry, Paul, Gary, Rich S.

Minutes accepted

Treasurer Report: $ not listed on web  

Communications: Applebee’s veterans free on Nov. 11th

Golden Corral on Nov. 16th

Fundraising - on Friday and Saturday 8AM - 6PM Poppy Sale

Honor Guard - meeting was at Jerry’s house.  On the 11th, be at Courthouse at 9:30, Honor Guard will stand post at the monuments from 9:30 - 11.  Jerry has flyers to put in stores, he put it in the paper and for the news.  

State newsletter - we had picture in this month.

Chaplain - wife of a member died this past month.  Charles is willing to visit and pray with you.  God can solve all problems.  If you know of any member who is sick or in need, please contact Charles Squires.

Old Business:

Mike C. - amend the motion for the Walmart card to $250.  Motion passed.

Dec. 1st meeting - Christmas Party - kids and grandkids invited.

New Business:

CCU has opened up a Center for Military and Veteran Studies, accepting photos, stories, etc.       Call 234-3431

Bring a Veteran to School Day - email from National but it is for schools to fill out.

Vietnam Memorial and grounds are now maintained by the Memorial Fund, and not the National Park Service.  They are looking for donations.

Pelicans are having Military Appreciation Day on Saturday, May 15th.  

Meeting adjourned at 7:35

Minutes from 10/6/09 General Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Rich Gregory

Pledge of Allegiance by Rich

Prayer by C. Squires

POW/MIA Candle Lighting by Gary

Roll Call - Rich, Charles, Jerry, Paul, Gary, Rich S.

Minutes accepted

Treasurer Report: $ 2389.58  at present  

Correspondence- Nov. 6 -7 8AM Sam’s Club - always need volunteers

Honor Guard - Nov 11 - Wreath, HGTech 10 AM, Bridge 10:20, Memorial in Conway.       Post up an hour before

Newletter : first time in State Newletter.  Will keep it coming

Chaplain: Visitor: Ron N. first meeting

Membership: 49 members


No meeting, just Christmas party, December 1st.  6 PM  Will be at Golden Corral.  

Motion: Disabled Marine will be invited as our guest.  $100  Walmart Gift Card will be given to his family to help.

Broadway at the Beach:  Toys for Tots Parade December 5th, 9 AM behind Landry’s  - we declined..they want $450 to participate.

Bruce H. - went to POW/MIA Day at Andersonville.  Over 500 POW’s in attendance along with Rolling Thunder

Motion: $100 donation to the State Chapter for the newsletter.


Need to be more visible at events: table set up at Freedom Fest, 9/11 Dead Dog Saloon, POW/MIA Day

Bugle donated to Chapter 925.  Jerry Hearl has it at his house.

Meeting adjourned at 7:39 

Minutes from 9/1/09 General Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Rich Gregory

Pledge of Allegiance by Rich

Prayer by C. Squires

POW/MIA Candle Lighting by Gary

Roll Call - Rich, Charles, Paul, Gary, Jerry, Rich S. absent

Minutes accepted

Treasurer Report: not listed on Web

Correspondence- Blue Star Mothers and Bob Evans - do care packages for the troops...want to know if we can contribute.

Freestyle Music Park - Sept. 11, Rolling Thunder, Leann Rimes to honor American heroes

Barnwall Chap having Moving Wall - October 28 to Nov 2 - need volunteers to help 

In Remembrance of Ryan McCormick - Ryan was the son of the Chapter Secretary, Gary McCormick.  He was a paramedic at the World Trade Center on 9/11 and got cancer from that service.  He fought 6 years but passed away on Sept. 26, 2008.  Gary has asked the VVA and chapter to support the following actions:

There are now 2 bills in Congress that are labeled "9/11 Health and Compensation Act".  The House has HR 847 and the Senate has the matching legislation as S. 1334.  As we approach the 8th anniversary of 9/11, which in the end took my son's life, 17,000 responders (EMT, Paramedic, Firemen, Police, construction workers) are now sick and dying.  This legislation would provide health care and compensation for those afflicted.  The US has cast a blind eye to their plight of job loss, medical insurance loss, and loss of life based on their time doing our bidding.  These are not greedy CEO's and banks (who got help):  these are the salt of the earth folks who were trying to help.  It is a national disgrace that we have just brushed them aside.  Please email your congressman or senator for quick passage of these bills and for them to sign on as sponsors of the bills.  

You can get them through: http://www.house.gov/ and http://www.senate.gov/

Ryan was always a person of action; please be that person in remembrance of him.  Thank you for your time.  

Gary McCormick

Fundraising - Nov 6-7 Sam’s Club 8 AM - 4 PM   Poppy Sales

Membership -  State membership drive underway

Old Business - convention in 2011 not in Myrtle Beach.  Greenville won.

Veterans Day - Wednesday - at least have a ceremony at the memorial in Conway.  11 AM.  Golden Corral will do free meal for vets on the 16th.

Christmas Party - do it at Golden Corral.  Looking for families in need that we can help...1 or 2 families

New Business - Friday Sept 18th is POW/MIA Day

Jerry Hearl - Chapter 925 - needs to stand up for this country- America First

Motion - Stand Tall - looking for an area to “demonstrate”

        Second - Gary

        Motion carried

9/9/09  Start up of the Miracle League - all are invited.  Field behind Pepper Gedding Stadium - starts at 6 PM

Sept 13 - Delegates meeting for State Council in Columbia

Meeting Adjourned at 7:44 PM

Minutes from 6/2/09 General Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Rich Gregory

Pledge of Allegiance by Rich

POW/MIA Candle Lighting by Gary

Roll Call - Rich, Charles, Paul, Gary, Rich S.

Minutes accepted

Treasurer Report: Not listed on web 

Fundraising - Made over $1900 on poppies at Sam’s

Honor Guard - Memorial Day- nice job despite rain

Old Business-

Bonding is automatically done through National

Region III - Rich sent proposals for Myrtle Beach

    Probably will come up at State Council meeting on June 14th

    March 31, 2011 is target date

    If it is here, we will have a lot of work to do

Rich did a Wal-Mart grant paper in Surfside...could take months to hear back

New Business

Christmas Party - Look for someone in our organization that we can help

Charles and Paul are going to State Council

Prayer by C. Squires

Meeting adjourned at 7:50

Minutes from 5/5/09 General Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM by Rich Gregory

Pledge of Allegiance by Rich

Prayer by C. Squires

Treasurer Report: Not reported on web

Thursday, May 7 - Belin Church, Spaghetti Dinner 4:30 - 7 PM, National Day of Prayer

            Honor Guard

Business cards for each member are available in case you meet a vet and want to invite him to a meeting

Sign up for Sam’s poppy sale weekend before Memorial Day.

Honor Guard: Memorial Day at Horry-Georgetown Tech at 10, 10:30, bridge and in Conway Memorial at 11. Charles said that he can get 2 wreaths for $65 each and a small one, $50.  Need to make our money from poppies.  Jerry will check on paperwork for permit for the day.

The website is our official newsletter.  Cost of a physical letter is staggering.

State Council meeting: June 14th.  Paul and Rich are going.

Rich Gregory contact President Avery.  Myrtle Beach may be Region III conference center in 2011.  Rich is awaiting word from State.

Officers should be bonded.  Rich will look into this.

K2 has an application for grant money from Walmart.  Can be dropped off at all locations.


Gary McCormick will send publicity to State Newsletter for the chapter.

May 30th Memorial Day program 4 PM - Market Commons - complete with flyover

Rolling Thunder supporting Military Appreciation - June 19th (Friday)  at the Pelican’s Game (Rolling Thunder website (http://www.rollingthundergrandstrand.com/SC3_HomePageMar07.html) for ticket information)

Meeting adjourned at 7:53

Minutes from 4/6/09 General Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:04 PM by Jerry Hearl

Pledge of Allegiance by Hearl

Prayer by C. Squires

Election of New Officers-

    Rich Gregory - call for nominations from the floor. None taken

    Secretary - unopposed slate so vote by interim secretary posts election

President Gregory took over the meeting

Treasurer Report 

Not listed on website

$300 came from Lou Kreiger.  No explanation for overage 

Weapons, DD214’s back from Don Fay.  

Letter from Lou Kreiger - Rich read letter - asked to be removed from chapter

Application for Bingo was denied.  Don Fay was spearheading this and he has gone from the chapter.

National Convention in Louisville - 2 authorized delegates but chapter has no money to send anyone.

Committees - 

Fundraising - K2

Honor Guard - Jerry

Newsletter - through our website...no physical paper

Chaplain - Charles

Sick and Distressed - contact Gary and will put it up on the web

            Can call Jonny Gossett

Publicity - Officers will do this.  K2 has contacts so give him information

Chapter Historian - Gary

Bi-Law - Officers.  No member can spend more the $100 of chapter money without board approval

Community Service- 

Constitution - 

Govt Affairs-

Finance - Paul

Women’s Veteran - MJ

State Delegates - Paul, Rich Singleton, Clyde Ed, K2.  Alternate - Jerry

Board of Directors - all officers

Service Officers - Jonny, Stanley. Recommend that people go to DAV on Wednesday as they have a staff there.

Old Business-

K2 - Will ask about honor guard for Military Night at Pelicans game

No meetings in July, August

Dates for poppy sales - 

New PO box - Gary will get one in Surfside

K2 will get a poppy dates from Sam’s or Walmart.  Jerry has all the items.  UPDATE: May 21-22, November 6-7

Business cards for member with chapter info. Back would be for address and name of person.  Try to get new members.  


Motion to purchase gas for delegates - passed.

Memorial Day, May 25th - Need  4 wreaths.  College, 10 AM, bridge, 10:30 AM, Vietnam memorial in Conway, 11 AM   Charles will look into wreathes.  Honor guard will also be present.  Vote next meeting to purchase.

We need at least $2500 a year to run chapter.  

Blessing of the Inlet - sell poppies.  In May

Motion - Buy poppies   1000 for $125

Honor Guard went to Miracle League opening.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:19 PM

Minutes from 3/3/09 General Meeting

Meeting called to order at 7:07 by VP Hearl

Pledge of Allegiance by Hearl

Prayer by C. Squires

Minutes from the last meeting - C. Squires

Motion to accept-

Second - 


Treasurer Report - by Paul B.

Balance - not listed on web

$1360 overdrawn by the Wall trip

Call will be made to Lou and Patrick about restitution.  Stated that money would 

be left over and donated to VVA but we ended up short.

Fund Raising Suggestion: do poppies at Sam’s and Walmart 


Nominations:  Rich Gregory - President

Vice President - Charles Squires

Secretary-  Gary McCormick

Treasurer - Paul Baccarny

Second V.P. - Johnny Gossett

First V.P. - Jerry Hearl

March 24, 2 PM- official flag raising by Rolling Thunder at VA Clinic on old Air Base.  VVA presence is requested.

New POW/MIA memorial in Florence this Saturday.

June 19th - Military Appreciation Day for the Pelicans

Miracle League - March 28, Oak St (Pepper Geddings field).  Need Honor Guard 

Fundraising Idea: PCN in Conway - wait tables for % of profit

Fundraising Idea: Gary McCormick - put together band, will play fundraiser for basically free.

Motion to get rifles and ammo back from Don Fay to go to Jerry Hearl

   MJ Hayes

Second - Paul B.

Audit for guns is upcoming.

Motion to Adjourn - 7:47

Verne - closing prayer

 © Gary McCormick 2012