2018 Minutes

Chapter 925 Meeting, January 3, 2018

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by Rich Gregory, presiding

Pledge of Allegiance by Rich

Visitors:  - 1

Prayer:  by Charles

POW/MIA Memorial: by Gary

Roll Call -  Johnny, Rich, Gary, Jerry, Charles, Marilyn, Mary Jo, Bob

Reading of the Minutes- read and approved

Treasurer Report: $11594.74

Membership:  103 VVA (92 Life members), 16 AVVA (10 Life) for 119 total.

Correspondence -   Letter from Camp Corral

Honor Guard -  over 20 events.  Funeral Saturday at Watson’s.  Looking to order flag holders.

AVVA -  Marilyn for AVVA President will be submitted in March.  Runs in opposite year from our elections.  Thanks for the Christmas Walmart cards.

Chaplain - Roy Gnirke - thanks for the card.  Nothing on Tom Middleton.  Bob Hawkins is on oxygen but still going.  Clyde is in therapy.  

Fundraising:  Charles will work on dates around Memorial Day.  Consider doing the Car Show weekend..we did well last time.  March 15-17

Old Business: New plaque - added 3 names:  Bruce Hutchison, John Quattlebaum, and George Wilhoit.  

New Business:  VA Clinic and Charleston until 12 on Thursday.  No service at DAV, no meeting Thursday night.  Cub Scout charter signed again.  Motion for Camp Corral $500 approved.  Gulf War memorial asking for donation…tabled until further research.  Hector talked about Rapid Appeal Modernizion Plan for VA appealing claim refusal.  Looking to clear the backlog through this.  

Terry - State Council report - Terry, Johnny, and Sandy Steer on Region 3 committee.  Conference is on Easter weekend.  State Council in need of president.  

Motion - Cover the cost for Terry, Sandy, and Johnny.  $1500 check for use.  Approved.

Rich will contact Amie Lee to get us in Memorial Day parade.  

God Bless America

Meeting adjourned at 7:36 PM

 © Gary McCormick 2012