Chapter History

End of 2002-2003: Local vets start to meet at the Myrtle Beach Disabled Veterans (DAV) to discuss starting a local VVA chapter.  To have a Charter petition accepted by the National VVA, the application must have at least 25 names.

4-21-2003: A petition with 30 names is sent to the National VVA Headquarters asking for a new chapter to be granted under the name of “Grandstrand, Horry, and Georgetown.”

5-13-2003: A charter is presented to the newly formed Chapter 925 at the DAV.  The charter is presented to our chapter by State Council President Allta Milling.  Several other local chapter presidents from around the state are in attendance.

6-2003: Chapter 925 holds its first meeting at the Soccastee American Legion.  Elections are held and our first officers take their oath.  3-Star General James Vaught joins our ranks and blends into our membership despite his high profile.

2-27 to 29-2004: Chapter 925 hosts the Region 3 Conference at the Sands Resort in Myrtle Beach.  Certificates of Appreciation are handed out to members who worked at the Convention Center.  State President Alta Milling presented the certificates at the next chapter meeting and relayed how much the region’s directors were impressed with how such a young chapter handled hosting the conference.  

Early 2004: Our chapter meetings are moved to Thorny’s in Conway.

2004: We start our first fundraisers in order for the chapter to have money to help veterans in need.  These first fundraisers are motorcycle runs which beganand ended with ceremonies performed by the chapter Honor Guard.

2004-2005:  The chapter holds their first state chapter board members meeting.  Meetings are held at Thorny’s, the Peanut Warehouse in Conway, and in Myrtle Beach.

8-2004: Two members volunteer to pay their own expenses to attend a National Leadership Conference in Nashville, TN.  Important information is brought back and disseminated to the chapter members.

5-30-2004: Chapter 925 holds its first annual Memorial Day ceremony at the Vietnam Memorial.  When the All Veteran Memorial was built, the chapter includes this memorial in its ceremony.  Chapter 925 ceremonies grow to include the oldest Vietnam Memorial located on the grounds of Horry-Georgetown Technical College.  This memorial was dedicated in 1967.  Chapter members go on to participate in Veterans Day parades in Conway and Murrells Inlet.  

2006:  Chapter 925 marches in the SunFest parade in Myrtle Beach.

2010: Chapter starts its participation in with the Military Appreciation Month including marching in the parade. The chapter starts its Education Outreach Program to bring chapter members to schools in Horry County to speak about their experiences in Vietnam.  The first school was Horry County Arts and Technology Academy in November.

2014-2015: Chapter takes the lead role in the Military Appreciation Days.  May 14th - Veterans and Friends golf outing, MB Pelicans baseball game, exhibits, parade, and dinner dance.  All events were a huge success except the Pelicans game which got postponed until July 2, 2015.  

2017:  The chapter had another active year with fundraisers giving us more money in our treasury than we have ever had.  Our Honor Guard again did funerals and other events, totally over 20 for the year.  The chapter, under Ron Thornton and Gary McCormick, again did the Dinner Dance for the Military Appreciation Days after the City of Myrtle Beach made a mess of it in 2016.  Clay and Marylou Baldwin were our donation collectors for the event.  We had 250 in attendance and we gave away over $4000 in door prizes.  It was determined that we would not do this again and the City has since dropped the Dinner Dance for next year.  At Christmas, the chapter awarded 12 - $250 gift cards to needy vet families and organizations that help vets such as the VA social workers, the Myrtle Beach Community Kitchen, and the Veterans Cafe.  The chapter is now comprised of 120 members, the largest membership this chapter has ever had.


 © Gary McCormick 2012